About me

I hold an MFA in Fiction from Columbia University and a BA in Modern Languages (French and Italian) from the University of Oxford. I have lived and worked in France and Italy, and am fully fluent in both languages.

I offer private tuition in French, Italian, and English (all levels). I have been teaching languages since 2006. In 2009, I was chosen by Oxford faculty to tutor high school French. In 2010, I attended an Italian language teaching program in Italy at the Dante Alighieri University for Foreigners. For the past three years, I have been volunteering with Read Ahead, teaching reading comprehension in New York City public schools.

I am currently writing my first novel. My writing has appeared in Poetry Magazine, The Pinch, and other publications. Before moving to New York, I was a US Senate staffer and executive search consultant in Washington, DC. Before that, I worked at Publicis in Paris and as a restaurant hostess in Italy.

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